Thursday, October 6, 2011

Student Competition--real world meaning

Students in Spanish 2 were challenged with 2 other schools in the state of Iowa to create a video to teach the rules of ser and estar; 2 verbs that are often confused as they both mean "to be", but have different meanings. This competition geared the students up to create what they felt was the "best" video. Students narrowed the selection choice to the top 3 to represent our school and put them to vote with the other schools. Using survey monkey the watched voted on the top videos to discover the "top" video from each school. Those top videos then will be voted on through Twitter...a world vote. Students used an evaluation form to decide the rules, the forms of the verb, correct examples, spanish examples spoken and the creative element to keep us watching. This analysis really showed the students what the true meaning of the verb is and drove home better understanding. Who will win? We shall see!

CLICK to see an example

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