Tuesday, April 27, 2010

La Persona yo era, soy...seré

The Person I was, am, will be....
One of my favorite projects to do with Spanish IV, to have the students share about themselves using past, present and future and demonstrate their ability to switch tenses. In the past 8 years I have done this project students have had to create a poster or brochure about themeselves. Use a writing template to fill out information on themeselves, switching tenses from the current person they are now to what they used to be like as a child, what their school and friends were like, what they used to watch on tv etc. to what they think their life will be like in the future.  Students would share this information with classmates and I would display them on my board.  Now that we are equipped with 1:1 lap tops, the students have so much technology at their fingertips...why not have them share it digitally.  The information they provided was so rich---students uploaded pictures of their childhood, recorded their voice, uploaded video and music that represented that time in their life.  They recorded live their current lives, friends, teachers etc. and then talked about their future with pictures etc. WE LOVED WATCHING THEM AS A CLASS---ALL IN SPANISH!  The only thing that I miss is showcasing their work on the bulletin board! 

Example of student work: EXAMPLE 1

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