Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Students in Spanish 1 at Van Meter, paired again with NF and SH schools in order to research and produce information of what they would offer in their “fictional” store.  They researched books, music, food and handicrafts from Spanish speaking countries.  They had digital worksheets to fill out as they worked to help organize their information, teach them how to “site” their work and for them to communicate with their partners.  They communicated on the NING to get everything set up, but then had the opportunity that other students in the school are not allowed yet, to SKYPE with their partners live.  Adding this feature allowed students to communicate and feel that they had control to complete the task at hand.  Students used slide share, voice thread, prezi, or show beyond to present their information for their partners.  The thing the students found most interesting were the music videos from Spanish speaking countries and the food items.  A success full of learning on multiple platforms, Spanish, culture, leadership, communication, collaboration and higher level thinking.  A big thing students had to overcome was just reading the steps with the web quest and not just relying on the teacher to walk them through the steps.  Big learning happening in VM, NF and SH.

Student work:
Student example 2
Student example 3
Student Example 4

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